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At Athens Brain Center, a division of University Cancer & Blood Center, our patients receive high-quality, personalized treatment for brain cancer. We tap the experience of the top professionals in the region through a multi-disciplinary conference to provide patients with the most comprehensive, coordinated treatment available.

Led by Dr. Gordon O. Schoenfeld, Athens Brain Center treats a variety of brain cancers and disorders. Many of our patients benefit from targeted radiation technology that offers precise, painless treatment delivered in minutes.

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Led by Dr. Gordon O. Schoenfeld, Athens Brain Center provides comprehensive care for patients diagnosed with brain cancers and disorders.

Athens Brain Center is a division of University Cancer & Blood Center that features stereotactic radiosurgery performed with ExacTrac IGRT from Brainlab. This cutting-edge technology allows Athens Brain Center to provide its patients with treatment that is more exact, less invasive, and requires fewer treatments.

Athens Brain Center provides comprehensive treatment benefiting from the expertise of a neuro-oncology conference – a multi-disciplinary panel of physicians that includes medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, pathologists, and radiologists. This distinguished board reviews each patient’s case – through the lens of each medical discipline – and uses radiosurgery, chemotherapy, and traditional surgery to treat tumors. Our patient care is also enhanced by palliative care and social services.

This cutting-edge approach to care — one that combines advanced technology, multi-disciplinary expertise, and a community-based treatment center — minimizes treatment risk and provides the people of northeast Georgia with the best possible care.

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