As you begin your treatment, your clinic visits may be weekly or less frequently, depending on your treatment plan. Radiation therapy is daily for several weeks unless you receive brachytherapy.

Before each scheduled appointment with your physician, you should make a list of questions, symptoms and other issues you need to discuss. Let our office staff know if, at any time, you need to meet with one of our patient account representatives or have financial questions.

You will become accustomed to the routine of drawing blood labs and meeting with our medical staff. The language of cancer will merge into your vocabulary and our staff, along with your family and friends, will be your support team. You will become our family, and we will be part of yours.

Follow-up visits

When your treatment regimen is completed, you will be scheduled for follow-up visits. At first, these may be as often as monthly or every three months. After several years, we may see you only annually. During your follow-up visits, we may schedule scans or other tests to monitor the tumor site. Chemotherapy affects the whole body. Follow-up appointments also check on how your body is recovering from treatment.

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