Patient Privacy

An essential part of quality medical care is our dedication to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of each patient’s medical information. Only those persons authorized to read an individual’s medical record may have access to it. Specifically, UCBC may use and disclose patient medical information to:

  • Provide you with medical care
  • Remind you about an appointment
  • Talk with members of your family or close friends who are involved in your care
  • Allow research personnel to seek the best possible treatment, which may include a clinical trial. All researchers must follow specific regulations to ensure privacy of patient
  • Request payment from your insurance company
  • Discuss care-related benefits or services you may want to consider
  • Comply with legal requirements, subpoenas or court orders for mandatory reporting; for example, in cases involving child or elder abuse

Every patient has a right to the following:

  • To receive considerate care that respects your personal beliefs, culture, and spiritual values
  • To have everything explained to you in language you can understand and to have all questions answered concerning your condition, treatment, and prognosis
  • To understand all side effects of a treatment
  • To have the opportunity to participate in your health care decisions
  • To change health care providers at your discretion
  • To refuse examination or treatment by health care practitioners, and to be informed of the consequences of such a decision
  • To be informed and asked about participating in clinical research
  • To see and obtain a copy of your medical records at any time (While we do not charge a fee to send records to other physicians or to payers, there is a small duplication cost for personal copies.)
  • To provide us with a list or individuals or organizations that may have access to or receive copies of your medical records
  • To ask us to change the medical information we have in your records if you feel it is wrong or incomplete
  • To ask us to restrict or limit the medical information we use and share about you

Every UCBC patient is responsible for the following:

  • To provide UCBC with your complete medical history including illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, supplements, immunizations, and allergies
  • To know your insurance coverage, deductible, co-pay and referral requirements
  • To ask questions if you do not understand something
  • To keep appointments or provide 24-hour notice if you are able
  • To be respectful of others and their privacy while in a UCBC clinic or office

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