Cancer is not a journey anyone should take alone. Patients generally turn to family and friends for emotional, financial and care-giving support.

The physicians and staff of University Cancer & Blood Center are concerned not only for your physical well-being but also for your emotional needs as they partner with you on this cancer journey. Within our chemotherapy and radiation clinics, we offer Cancer Counseling Services by licensed mental health professionals trained in working with individuals and families facing cancer. Patients, family members, and caregivers may schedule counseling appointments to gain support in coping with the challenges of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.

A cancer diagnosis and treatment can raise practical issues for you and your family, including increased financial stress, transportation issues, and problems meeting living expenses, to name a few. Our Oncology Social Work department is available to assist you and your loved ones in addressing some of these concerns.

But there are some things people who have never had cancer just can’t understand. Meeting others who are enduring the same experiences and fears, who truly understand the turmoil and travails of a cancer diagnosis, can provide every cancer patient with strength and encouragement on the road to healing.  University Cancer & Blood Center has carefully reviewed and organized local, state and national websites as a starting point to facilitate the search for appropriate support resources.

Use the menu on the left side of this page to navigate to these support resources. Please remember that personal narratives should not be viewed as scientific fact.