UCBC will offer Curbside Lab Services during COVID-19

In addition to Telehealth services, University Cancer & Blood Center continues to adopt services that keep our patients and their families safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Beginning Monday, April 20th, 2020, University Cancer & Blood Center will temporarily offer Curbside Lab Services for current and established patients at its Athens location. Please read the information below carefully:

exterior building photo

These curbside labs are for “lab only”, “pre-visit labs”, and for patients who should not be physically inside the UCBC facility. This is to further reduce risk of exposure to patients and employees by limiting the frequency of patients coming in and out of the building. These services will only be offered at Building 700 in Athens (pictured here, address below). This building will be marked with clear and appropriate signage indicating the four designated parking spaces being used for Curbside Lab Services. A phlebotomist will be assigned to the lab schedule to greet patients outside.

All blood draws will occur at the curbside area. Curbside Lab Services will be scheduled events just like current lab-only appointments. These temporary services can include:

  1. Pre-visit labs. Pre-visit labs are drawn prior to seeing the physician because it may take a few days to get results back to our clinic.
  2. Labs that are needed for a Telehealth visit. And just like the remote office visit, the patient will minimize the contact they have with others.
  3. Lab rechecks. Sometimes physicians want to recheck a certain lab because the results seem abnormal. The recheck determines whether the first draw was reading correctly or if there was an error.

As always, UCBC appreciates your patience and understanding during this already challenging time. For questions and more information regarding Curbside Lab Services, please call 706-353-2990. 

Address to UCBC’s Athens location:

3320 Old Jefferson Road

Buildings 300 & 700

Athens, GA 30607

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