Radiation Oncologists

The UCBC radiation team includes radiation oncology physicians, an expert medical physicist to maintain the equipment, a dosimetrist to calculate the radiation doses at various points of the body, and radiation therapists who administer the proper radiation dose as prescribed by the physician. Chemotherapy is designed to kill fast-growing tumor cells throughout the body, while radiation oncology uses photons and electrons to target cancer cells in the tumor area and in nearby tissue. If a patient is also receiving chemotherapy, the radiation treatment is closely coordinated with all of the UCBC team. During the first radiation therapy visit, we will review the patient’s medical history with him or her, answer questions and give specific information about his or her radiation therapy. We will continue to advise and closely observe all of his or her treatments. The UCBC team is constantly researching and exploring new techniques within radiation therapy. We aim to personalize your treatment in order to provide the best care possible.

Pictured left to right: Doctors Ronald L. Terry and Gordon Schoenfeld