Live Well

We offer you and your family hope, healing and compassion through our Live Well program. Devoted to supporting your best quality of life, this program is also committed to supporting your views about life, religion, health and healing. We’ll listen to you, and address your needs and fears with honesty and empathy. Our Live Well program also includes our Survivorship Program, which supports patients who have completed treatment and are declared cancer free.

Our Live Well staff will help you understand what special screenings are required, coordinate doctor follow-up visits and answer your questions. We will assist in designing a plan of care for “after cancer” that will be communicated to our oncologists, PAs and NPs, as well as to your primary care provider and specialists involved.

Our Live Well program also works with patients who have metastatic or complicated diagnoses to help control symptoms, and identify patients who might need the extra emotional support of a social worker and need extra resources. We are here to enhance the excellent care UCBC already provides our patients.